Added Services

Taigan has an established training and core swop program as part of our extended services to our customers.

Less is BEST


Taigan has established a training program which ensures the best packaging of our customer’s product, cost effectiveness and minimises waste.


We are proud of our GREEN POLICY

Sustainability and recycling make sense, Taigan has introduced a core swop recycling initiative to its customers by providing flow bins to customers which allows Taigan to retrieve and re-use green cores from its customers. This in turn tidies our customer’s floors and maximises operating space as well as minimises waste.

Excellent Service

Guaranteed stock holdings and takes responsibility for the performance of our Taigan products.


Delivery lead time 24 hours from receipt of order.

We Care

We are pioneers of the stretch film market and we aim to reduce the amount of plastic required.


Taigan boasts a national foot-print with operations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Nelspruit.


Taigan is driven by integrity and ethical business practices.


The Taigan training program offered to all customers focuses on minimising waste, ensuring correct packaging methods and cost-effective packaging.

We manufacture and supply t.nano
plastic packaging products in South Africa


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