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Leading Packaging Suppliers &  manufacturer of multi-layer t.nano cast stretch, plastic liners, top covers, shrouds and colour films in South Africa.

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t.nano multi-layer cast stretch film is an effective, durable and affordable way to protect your palletised goods from damage during transit. t.nano multi-layer cast stretch film is manufactured by state of the art 33, 55 and 67 cast layer extruders. t.nano therefore offers enhanced clarity for optimum product appearance and allows easy barcode scanning. t.nano multi-layer cast stretch films advanced technology delivers consistent quality, the product is stronger, thinner, more stretchable and puncture and tear resistant. t.nano multi-layer cast stretch film offers an innovative approach to recyclable and more sustainable packaging solutions, whilst providing financial benefits of stable market pricing for extended period to our customers.

Taigan’s primary business objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We commit ourselves to our unique business philosophy of the Taigan Triangle of Trust, which focuses on Quality, Reliability and Service.


Taigan supplies good quality products which are produced using state of the art 33, 55 and, 67 layer cast extruders


Taigan is a reliable partner to our customers


Taigan provides excellent customer service to all its customers

Taigan Triangle

Why Taigan

t.nano multi-layer cast stretch film is stretchable, puncture and tear resistant film that is used to cover and secure various sizes of palletised loads. t.nano film is thinner and offers its customers more sustainable packaging solutions which provide overall financial benefits.


Delivery lead time 24 hours from receipt of order.

Excellent Service

Guaranteed stock holdings.


Taigan boasts a national foot-print with operations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Nelspruit.

We Care

We are pioneers of the stretch film market and we aim to reduce the amount of plastic required.


Taigan is driven by integrity and ethical business practices.


The Taigan training program offered to all customers focuses on minimising waste, ensuring correct packaging methods and cost-effective packaging.

Plastic Packaging

t.nano pre-stretch folded edge hand wrappers and t.nano machine rolls for
semi- automatic and automatic wrapping applications.

Plastic Packaging 1 | Taigan M-Stretch


Durability with good puncture, stretch and tear resistance


We collect and recycle our cores to reduce wastage

Cost Effective

Lower cost per pallet with more pallets wrapped per roll, guaranteed

Plastic Packaging 2 | Taigan M-Stretch


Guaranteed cheaper cost per pallet


Highly stretchable and able to perform on all types of wrapping machines

Eco Friendly

Certain of our product ranges contain 30% post recyclable waste

Packaging Suppliers

We manufacture and supply t.nano plastic packaging products in South Africa


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