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For over 17 years, the Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd logo has been based on the three founding principles we call our “Taigan Triangle of Trust”. Supplying a quality product, delivering excellent service, and being a reliable partner to our customers. At Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd, we know that a brand is the very essence of a business. Not simply a logo or a message, it is the central idea and organising principle that provides stability through shifting markets and serves as a guide for decision-makers at every level. These exact principles and our industry expertise and innovation have made us the market leaders in South Africa and the top exporters of pallet stretch film to the African continent.

We provide a premium product range that is unrivalled not just in terms of performance, value, and consistency but also in terms of durability, load retention, and safety. We take great pride in being the leading supplier of 33, 55, and 67 layer Nano Cast Stretch Film sold under our t.nano brand. Taigan (Pty) Ltd is aware of the moral obligation of humans to protect the environment from pollution and other activities that lead to environmental degradation. That is why we have taken the lead in the industry by providing film with our easily identifiable Green Core, which can be reused repeatedly. We provide flow bins to our customers for used cores, which we then collect, reuse, and wrap with plastic film. We are proud of our green policy and take active encouragement with other businesses in the industry to do the same!

With leading products, we took the initiative to create an additional value-added service by providing our customers and all relevant staff with personal on-site training on utilising our product to achieve the most effective packaging results. Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd will continue to put our customers first, pursue excellence, create industry-leading products, embrace change and care for the world around us.

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Taigan - Who we are
Taigan – Who we are

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