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At Taigan, we’re not just packaging experts, we’re pioneers in sustainability too.

We’re proud of our Green Policy that adds value to your business and contributes to a healthier planet. We’ve introduced a Core Swop Recycling Initiative, providing flow bins to our customers so we can retrieve and reuse green cores. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also helps to keep our customer’s spaces tidy and optimized.

Join us in our sustainability journey. Let’s make a difference together.
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Five years ago, Taigan M-Stretch introduced a core swap recycling initiative by providing flow bins to major stretch film customers for used cores, which its drivers collect for reuse up to an average of four times. This helps minimise waste – the thin layer of plastic is removed and sent for recycling – and keeps customers’ shop floors tidy, maximising their operating space.
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PETER MCCULLOUGH, managing director and shareholder, who has over 45 years’ experience within the cast, extruded film and flexible packaging industry, established Taigan M-Stretch in 2005.

Taigan M-Stretch is based on three founding principles namely, quality, service and reliability, which we call our “Triangle of Trust”. These founding principles, combined with our industry expertise and drive towards innovation, are the central idea behind the t.nano pre-stretch brand and products.

Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd’s t.nano multi-layer cast stretch film is manufactured by state-of-the-art 33, 55 and 67 layer cast extruders and uses advanced nanotechnology to deliver hand wrappers and machine rolls which are stronger, thinner, sustainable and more stretchable.

t.nano machine rolls are able to perform on semiautomatic and automated machine lines, offering customers thinner film at high-speed wrapping applications. t.nano machine rolls are the next generation in load stability and safety, offering more
stable palletised loads, better retention values and stronger, stretchable and puncture resistant film that will reduce a customer’s packaging costs by as much as 25%, sometimes more.

t.nano hand wrappers contain 30% post recyclable waste, make use of the latest folded edge technology and have been pre-stretched to 300%. This makes t.nano hand wrappers ideal for a variety of wrapping applications. While being one of the thinnest prestretch films in the market, the film’s strength, integrity and load stability is never compromised. The thinner
gauge film provides better yields, requires less energy to be expended during the wrapping process and provides customers with a better cost saving per pallet.

As part of Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd‘s green policy initiative, the products not only contain 30% post-recyclable waste, which makes the film more sustainable and 100% recyclable, the company has also established a training and core swop programme
as part of its extended services to customers.

Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd boasts a national footprint, with distribution centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mbombela and Port Elizabeth. This national footprint allows Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd to develop long-term business relationships with
customers and conduct monthly site audits, offer training and ensure that the best product standards are maintained.

Following the introduction of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act and an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) levy, a policy that seeks to manage the sustainability of organisations and the financing of waste streams, providing customers with more sustainable packaging solutions has become ever more important. Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd and its t.nano range is sustainable and less plastic is required when wrapping products and pallets, which provides our customers with a significant cost saving on the levied amount and ensures that less waste is generated.

Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd and the t.nano brand’s primary business objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We commit ourselves to always putting customers first, pursuing excellence, continuing to develop industry-leading t.nano products and embracing sustainable change and caring for the world around us.

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