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Our belief is that good stretch film must save you money and time. M-Stretch does both

M-Stretch contains your load safely and securely on any pallet, whether you wrap by hand or by automated machinery.

Its superb strength and clarity prevents the overuse of material and ensures your shipment reaches

its destination in the same condition as it left your premises.

  • It’s thin and soft and yet has good holding force at a lower gauge.
  • Excellent for any high-speed power pre-stretched wrapper.
  • Durable with good puncture, splitting and tear resistance.
  • A very breathable stretch film.
  • Excellent film clarity. Suitable for barcode scanning.
  • Lower cost per load for maximum containment.
  • Environmentally safer. A sustainable choice.

Why use Taigan M-Stretch:

  • This multi layered CAST stretch film has the ability to stretch beyond 300 % guaranteed, offering good load retention and excellent puncture resistance after wrapping. The film has a very soft feel which results in lighter products not being crushed during the wrapping process.

  • This film has exceptional clarity. Your products will be distinctly visible when transported and barcode reading is possible though this film.

  • it is extruded using only High Tech raw materials and is backed up by innovative technical support that allows us to control your packaging costs. Our film allows for down gauging without detracting from the importance of the application.

  • It is suitable for both hot and cold conditions. No telescoping of rolls will occur due to the use of a VLDPE raw material as a cling layer, rather than a glue. This means that our product can be stored at extreme temperatures resulting in no loss of performance.

  • This film reduces noise pollution in the work environment. The application process is quieter and needs less force.

  • This film can be recycled.

  • Our standard sizes are between 8 micron & 30 micron and are available in 450 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1.200 mm and 1.500 mm widths.

  • All rolls are packaged in individual boxes for protection and have our distinctive code for identification.

  • Conformance certificates are available with each order.

Hand Wrap Applications

Hand wrapping should never be looked at as a commodity product being applied to do a job, it should be controlled and applied correctly with the aim of reducing wastage and establishing stability. We believe that each application is different and therefore requires the correct attention for effective wrapping. You can rely on Taigan as your trusted pallet wrap manufacturers. Whether you require plastic shrink wrap or heat shrink wrap, Taigan offers quality service for any plastic wrapping requirements.

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Semi-Automatic and Automatic Wrapping Applications

We supply one type of film that is suitable for both semi-automatic and automatic wrapping applications. We believe in keeping our range simple and ensure there will be no rejections or inconsistency in product performance.

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Hand wrapping should never be looked at as a commodity product being applied to do a job, it should be controlled and applied correctly with the aim of reducing wastage and establishing stability. We believe that each application is different and therefore requires the correct attention for effective wrapping.


As the name implies, this film is manufactured from normal cast film and is ideal for any application. Our film can be supplied in both EXTENDED core and STANDARD core options starting at 10 um – 25 um.


This film has been rewound as a second operation and has been stretched down from a thicker film into a thin gauge. This film requires very little energy when being applied around a pallet as it has already been stretched and once applied, the film will return back to its original shape i.e.’Memory film’. The amount of film needed to wrap a pallet is significantly less than standard film, thus saving our clients’ money on each and every application. This film is also more rigid and has little or no ‘neck-down’ when being stretched. Our product range offers only 8 um thick film and is available in EXTENDED core only. Packaged in a box containing either 6 or 10 rolls per box.


The secret of this film is that it has been rewound directly from the extruder where it has been stretched. By extruding in this manner the film can be drawn down to a very thin gauge and have ideal memory, which results in a more cost effective wrapped pallet. This product is supplied on a 38 mm core and comes with hand applicators. Packaged in a box containing 6 rolls.

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