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Is Taigan’s T.nano stretch film right for your food and beverage business?

Published on: 06/29/20 7:35 AM

Category: case-study

We live in a world where facts and figures speak for themselves. We continuously conduct research into our product to find ways to improve and provide a product far superior to other stretch film brands. Above all we have analysed the various sectors that can best utilise our product and take advantage of the cost-effective benefits!

In our research we have done a comparison of our T.nano product versus a stretch film our client in the food and beverage industry was previously using and the results were sublime to say the least.

When analysing the yield, our client was using 390g of stretch film per pallet and now they are using only 111g of T.nano stretch film per pallet. That is a reduction of 279g of plastic per pallet. When we calculated that against the monthly average of 14 152 pallets, we found that by using T.nano stretch film, we would be reducing their plastic usage by  3948.4kg on a monthly basis.

When analysing the Rand amount, our client was initially spending R11.31 per pallet using another stretch film product and now they are only spending R5.82 per pallet with using T.nano. That is a 51,4% saving per pallet! And, if you look at that saving per pallet over their monthly average of 14 152 pallet, that means that in total, T.nano saved them a whopping R77 694,48 per month.

Not only are we saving our client money on each and every pallet that they wrap, but with T.nano, we are reducing the amount of plastic entering our environment and ultimately our landfills.

Along with our T.nano stretch film, we offer our clients innovative fully- and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines to assist in reducing their yield per pallet. With major features like 300% power pre-stretch with quick gear changes as well as adjustable wrapping tensions.

So, ask yourself again “Is Taigan’s T.nano stretch film right for my business?” If you are looking or an environmentally sustainable, safer, thinner stretch film that provides quality, reliability and sustainability then T.nano is right for your business!

We look forward to optimising our research and developing new business relationships with business that share our same vision for success.

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