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Green Initiative

Published on: 03/16/20 10:00 AM

Category: article

Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd is an environmentally aware company that is committed to conducting business in a way that reduces our impact on the environment.


We want to empower our staff and clients to minimise waste, re-use products and recycle wherever possible.

We do this by providing film with our easily identifiable Green Core, which can be re-used again and again. We provide flow bins to our customers for used cores, which we then collect and re-use and wrap with plastic film once more.


The added benefits of using Taigan and recycling in your industry:

  • Recycling removes waste completely – turning it back to useful products.
  • Recycling saves money – reducing the amount of trash going to the landfills.


Ultimately our team at Taigan are trying to minimize waste as effortlessly as possible. We are proud of our green policy and encourage businesses in the industry to do the same!

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