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A more reliable way to wrap a pallet

Published on: 03/16/20 10:00 AM

Category: case-study


Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd has established a training program in order to offer our customers a value-added service. We provide our customers and all relevant staff with personal on-site training on how to best utilise our product in order to achieve most effective packaging results.

Our customer training consists of the following:

• Create awareness of the best packaging product and packaging methods
• Importance of correct load retentions and stability
• How to increase productivity
• How to increase cost effective packaging
• Safe packaging methods
• Minimizing waste
• Core-swap systems
• Benefits of using our recycling program

In addition to our value-added service, we provide accurate feedback to our customers on a regular basis with regards to usages of packaging material. The aim of this is to ensure that our customers achieve the perfect balance between safety and cost optimisation.

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