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A more innovative and reliable way to wrap a pallet!

Published on: 03/23/20 2:22 PM

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Taigan, is a proud supplier of stretch film to local and export industries to ensure we offer a thinner yet tougher packaging solution to secure product loads.  This more environmentally sustainable form of stretch film ultimately reduces the risk of damage in most shipping conditions.


Our incredible range of stretch film offers superior quality with more environmental benefits and value for money than regular stretch film.

Our film:

  • nano plastic film consists of 33 and 55 layer stretch film respectively
  • is made from high tech raw materials to create a NANO technology-based film that is 100% recyclable
  • is tear and puncture resistant
  • requires less film to be used and reduces wrapping yields needed

Taigan offers a greener initiative for a better tomorrow. How you ask? Our film offers more strength while offering a thinner layer of film –  meaning you use less of it in the process of securing your product load.


Why should you choose Taigan’s incredible range of stretch film for your industry? This incredible reliable product:

  • Is stronger, thinner and more stretchable
  • Secures products loads reducing risk of damage
  • Offers superior performance to allow long-term cost-saving


Apart from supplying quality stretch film to the local and export industries, Taigan is also proud to offer the following services:
– use of superior technology to measure plastic used in transport

– monthly client site audits to ensure effective use of plastic film

– training on minimising waste and correct packaging methods

– pick up of used green Taigan core rolls to recycle


Taigan offers load retention testing at each trial so that we can determine the correct amount of plastic to apply and at the correct cycle which should achieve a maximum stretch value of 5.5 – 6um around a pallet. Thinner or thicker wrapping leads to challenges such as waste or falling loads. The correct settings on automatic wrappers are the key to offering effective cost savings.


Taigan also operates a film core recycling program with our customers so that we can minimize waste, optimize recycling and remove used cores from our customer’s operational floor.


So, opt for a more environmentally sustainable form of film wrap to secure your product loads and choose Taigan’s incredible NANO technology!


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