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Who we are

Taigan M- Stretch (Pty) Ltd and Taigan International (Pty) Ltd are a privately owned Company that supplies multi layered Cast stretch film into the market. We pride ourselves on developing a trustworthy relationship with customers and will always offer 100 % commitment to adding value. Innovation and the use of technology have ensured that we can adequately assist in solving or offering solutions to market needs.

We have developed a Sustainable business platform and work towards reducing the amount of plastic required to package products. We want to be part of a cleaner environment.



A more reliable way to wrap a pallet

Training Taigan M-Stretch (Pty) Ltd has established a training program in order to offer our customers a value-added service. We provide our customers and all relevant staff with personal on-site training on how to best utilise our product in order to achieve most effective packaging results. Our customer training consists […]

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